Hi RIPsters, in this page I list public events where you can find me, essentially Live streaming events on my Twitch and/or YouTube channels 🙂

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Coming Soon

August 2021

  • Nothing planned at the moment, RIP’s on vacation 🙂

Event Categories Explanation

  • RIP Live: they’re usually thematic live streaming around a topic (finance, PKM, Critical Thinking, Coding, Learning, other) where I talk alone about something for 30-60 minutes, and then there’s a Q&A on that topic. Once a month, the Friday before publishing the MLJ, I host a No Content Live where I answer Q&A questions and I might reply publicly to comments received during the month.
  • RIP Room: live event where I welcome whoever wants to join to discuss with me about a usually controversial topic. It’s essentially a “Change my mind” challenge, or (better) a “let’s help RIP in forming a more elaborated opinion on topics he holds strong opinion about and not enough knowledge to justify it“. You’re welcome to join me live!
    • Past RIP Rooms: Cryptocurrencies, Trading, Buy vs Rent, Eating Meat.
    • Future RIP Room ideas: Expatriation, yes or no? University, yes or no? Religion? Politics? Climate Change? Capitalism vs Socialism? Infinite Growth vs Degrowth? Nuclear Power?
  • RIP Marathon: we watch together many videos around some central topic/people and discuss them live. Well, I’m going live alone, but I’m happy to have a great conversation with you in the comment section 🙂
    • Past RIP Marathons: Ben Felix, TED Talk, 3Blue1Brown, Naval Ravikant
    • RIP Marathon ideas: Naval Ravikant (several), Aswath Damodaran – Statistics 101, VSauce, TED Talks (several marathons), CGP Grey, Tech Lead (LOL & Scam), Boris (Italian TV Series), Standup comedians, Wesa, Mercadini, Kurzgesagt
  • RIP CIP: Coding in Public, streaming on YouTube randomly, maybe in the mornings/early afternoons, probably about coding / ML.
  • RIP LIP: Learning in Public, reading an article and extracting notes in my PKM system (Roam, maybe I’ll also try Obsidian or other alternatives).
  • RIP Money: end of months and and of quarter financial routines will be streamed live. First and Third months of each quarter in English language, the central month of each quarter (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) in Italian Language.
  • RIP Fun: streaming on Twitch randomly at evenings, mostly in Italian language, mostly retrò video games (Battle for Wesnoth, Sauerbraten, HOMM3) or board games (Terraforming Mars).
  • RIP Cast: I’m hosting someone on my channel for an interview/debate.
  • RIP Guest: I’m a guest in someone else’s event / Live stream.
  • RIP TV: I’m on TV!
  • Blog: an event related to my Blog.

YouTube / Twitch Rationale

I want to host my Italian and English online video presence in separate places.

I will move most of my Live Streaming in Italian language on Twitch.

I will upload my videos in Italian language, and my past streaming events in a secondary YouTube channel, yet TBD (maybe my personal YT Channel or a Brand Account connected to my main YouTube Channel)

I will keep my main YouTube channel for English language content, both Live Streaming and Uploaded videos.

This is not written in stones, I might change my mind… and of course I’ll do 😀

Random Ideas for content suggested by my Followers

  • A C++ course?
  • Live Mock Interviews Video?
  • AI/ML coding?
  • Algo & Data Structure videos?
  • Roam vs Obsidian ?
  • Book on Personal Economy 🙂

Past Events (since mid May 2021)

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021