Coaching – And the Winner is…

Hi RIP readers,

This is a quick update on my 2020 Q1 coaching experiment: I’ve selected the 6 participants, and already notified them!

Which means that if you didn’t receive an email along the line of “congrats, you’ve been selected!” it means… well, that you’ve not been selected.

And no, I’m not going to announce the names of the lucky winners πŸ™‚

Suffice to say that there’s enough diversity: one of them is millionaire, two of them are women, three of them are Italians, four of them live in Switzerland, five of them are above age 30, and all six of them are extremely interesting (and awesome)!

Before you scream, let me tell you that it’s been hard to pick only 6 people out of almost 50. Yep, applications kept coming until few days ago, even though I asked to stop. If you haven’t been selected, feel free to reach me out and schedule a chat / VC / meeting in person for early 2020. I’m happy to have a chat with you anyway, and maybe offer some advice, help you double check your plans, and talk about the meaning of life in general.

But not before the end of the year, since I’m the middle of this:

Dear 5×5 Ikea Expedit, you’ll finally be promoted to a Board Games storage unit in few days πŸ™‚

And this:

Dear BabyRIP, thank you for having entered the “terrible two” phase five months in advance…

And also this:

Reliability Engineering is tough!

Before wishing you “a nice weekend”, I’d like to define a new way for delivering these kind of small pieces of information. The blog is not suited for operational stuff. I’d like this blog to be home for essays and personal/financial updates, not for quick communications. I’ve thought about setting up a mailing list but it’s too much extra work for now.

The solution (which I don’t fully like, but it’s better than the alternatives) is to use Twitter. So, if you want to receive news, invites to event and meetups in my area, or other call to action (like “who wants to help the RIPs move out of the legendary 50sqm flat on Dec 11th?“), then follow me on Twitter πŸ™‚

So, next post would be one of the ~15 posts ideas/draft labelled as URGENT, posts for which I’m feeling the pain of not having written them yet. Things like: a series on Bonds investing, my flat move experience, Q3 2019 financial update (and soon Q4), a post about Pillar 3A, a post on home ownership, a post on my retirement calculator, a post stock buybacks, a post on dividend stocks, a post on Dark Fire, a post on Youniversity, an update of my “back to Hooli” experience, a couple of CuriosiTips posts, a series of posts on the ETF List… you get the idea πŸ™‚

That’s all for now, Have a nice weekend!


P.S. to those who attended the Sparkojote meetup tonight, I’m sorry to tell you I didn’t make it πŸ™


  1. I vote for a post on home ownership! Please :).

    Good luck with Terrible2 – we have already-not-so-terrible3 πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi RIP,
    Are you planing an update for OCT-NOV finances? There are quite a few updates looking at your NW spreadsheet.


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