Online Resources

Here’s a list of resources (blog, forums, sites, tools) that I visit and recommend.

Tools I use

(some of these are affiliate links, but I only accept affiliations from tools I like and use)

Interactive Brokers
Interactive Brokers is my favorite broker. It’s super cheap and universally adopted.

My Bank. I used to have a UBS account. I closed it in 2017. We now have several accounts with PostFinance: 3 CHF denominated, 1 EUR denominated and 1 USD denominated. All for free given you have at least 7500 CHF (in total) balance. We also have 2 Pillar 3a Pension account.

Cumulus (Cembra) Mastercard
My Credit Card. It’s free of charge and has a 0.33% money back in cumulus (migros) points.

Google Drive, Docs, Sheet and Slides
I use Google Office suite for almost everything. I like their cloud and office solutions!


Great Personal Finance Blogs

…’cause without great masters one won’t achieve great goals.

The Simple Dollar
The Simple Dollar is, in my opinion, the single best blog on Personal Finance around. I’m following it since 2007/2008, before Trent – the founder – quit his job to become a full time writer. At one point Trent sold the website and became simply one of the writers. I was selfishly disappointed and as reaction boycotted other writers on the blog. What an asshole I was! While Trent keeps up with writing awesome posts with more and more focus on ethical and psychological aspects of FI, other writers are good enough for starters. I bought Trent first book 365 Ways to Live Cheap back in the frugal days and it saved me at least 100 times its own cost! Thanks Trent for all you’ve written so far. One day we’ll play boardgames together 😉

Mr Money Mustache
I discovered MMM too late, when the post frequency was already low. I binge read every single post in the archive since then and that was my FI Epiphany. Badassity is the keyword. Complainypants, go away! MMM’s message is that being frugal is cool and a demonstration of strength and being rich has nothing to do with money. You’re rich when your spending decisions are made as if the price were $0.00 and your work and income decisions are made as if the wage were $0.00.

Early Retirement Extreme
Jacob reached FI before turning 30 and with a modest salary via extreme frugality and insourcing. His blog (and his awesome book) expose the Reinassance Man model, where he blames specialization in favor of diversification of skills. His blog is the most philosophical one around Money, Time, Needs and Wants. A must.

Early Retirement Now
A technical blog about Early Retirement. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Safe Withdrawal Rates!

Living a FI
A very personal blog about a guy, his history, epiphany, retirement. Very long posts, but I can’t help myself but binge read all his blog. It could have been my story. I feel his story and his thoughts so close to mine.

Get Rich Slowly
GRS is one of the blog that after being sold became worthless. UPDATE: J.D. Roth bought it back and it’s awesome again! Founded by J.D.Roth, this was the first blog I stepped into that exposed a philosophy behind saving and becoming rich. Didn’t remember amazing posts about FI but this one was enlightening at that time. The the blog was sold and bye bye GRS.

Root Of Good
Justin is great at documenting what being early retire looks like. I love the style and level of detail of his posts.

Extreme frugality and a good sense of humor for this couple’s blog that broadcasts happiness and balance. A lucky family!

Jim Collins
Probably the earliest FIRE guy. A living legend that can be thought as a proof of concept for the whole story. His blog has an amazing stock series that will teach you how to invest.

Financial Samurai
One of the most successful blog around. Focused on very high income and ambitious goals.

Mustachian Post
Swiss blog about FI. Very nice series of articles about home buying in Switzerland.

Mad FIentist
Very pragmatic FI Blog, with focus on investments.

Retire by 40
Another blog to track progresses of a family who made it. An example of how reaching FI doesn’t necessary imply RE.

What Life Could Be
One of the best European blog on FI. Focused on FI by rental properties.

Brave New Life
Dead since Jan 2015, but worth digging. At least for the Core Principles series.

In Cassaforte
A good italian (in italian language) blog that explains the basics of earning/saving/investing.

Australian Semi Retired in London. Aesthetically beautiful, linguistically fascinating, captivating storytelling and scientifically sound! Best new blog of the year (2018)

Personal Growth Blogs

’cause everyone wants to ramp up the Maslow’s Pyramid (even internet nerds)

Derek Sivers
Derek is the perfect compassionate leader and every post he writes is inspirational.

Wait But Why
Personal growth is curiosity too. Tim’s mission is being curious and go deep on everything.

Altucher Confidential
One of the latest addition to my feed reader, still don’t know exactly what I like about this blog, but I like it. James knows how to write – and he loves it – so that’s probably it.

Bad Astronomy
Space observation and exploration will bring the independence thing one step further. Space is everything. Phil’s blog is the best one around for both newbyes and experts.

Used to be great blogs but I don’t follow them anymore

Wise Bread
Big focus on frugality. I used to read it a lot in the low income phase of my career. I bought their book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget back in the frugal days, but must admit it was a little bit too extreme. Don’t recommend. If you want a frugality masterpiece buy Trent’s book.

Zen Habits
Leo’s blog focus on good habits rather than big goals. Mindfulness, compassion, self awareness and all basic Emotional Intelligence pillars. UPDATE: I don’t recommend this blog anymore. It’s getting repetitive and a bit scammy. 3000 USD for a “zen retreat in San Francisco”? Cmon…

Another blog owned by Leo Babauta (founder of Zen Habits) focused on minimalism. The blog is now dead since 2014, but the archive is full of good resources.

Mr Firestation
Exploring the gray area of retiring at around 50yo (below, below! Sorry Mr!) with a sense of humor and a passion for some kind of luxury. What I like the most of this blog is that I don’t always agree with the author. And this is good.

Forums & Websites

(I’m not a very active forum user though)
Mr Money Mustache Forum
FI on Reddit
ERE Forum
Rockstar Finance


Afford Anything
Mad FIentist
Financial Independence Europe
Incassaforte pod (Italian language)

Other Resources

Retirement Calculators sorted from beginner to advanced:
Networthify Retirement Calculator

Other resources/collections suggested by other bloggers:
Top popular Personal Finance Blogs by WiseBread
European FIRE Blogs by Mustachian Post
Useful Links by Living a FI
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