Career Development Coaching

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Do you want to increase your chances of getting hired by the best companies in Tech?

Are you burning out in your career and want to explore a change?

Are you lost and perceive your career is going nowhere?

Mr. RIP is here for you 🙂

What is Career Development Coaching?

Career Development coaching is a fee based 1:1 service I’m offering to help people navigate their professional life.

If you think you might need my help go ahead and book your first appointment 😉

What is NOT Career Development Coaching?

I’m not a therapist. If you think you have clinical problems (clinical burn out or worst) you should seek different kind of help.

I’m not promising you any result.

I’m simply here to offer my help and experience with working in big tech, large corporate environments, how to get there, what are the challenges you’ll face in your career, and more importantly, how to design your ideal work life.

How much does it cost?

I’m offering 3 packages:

  • À la carte: 200 EUR/Hour.
  • Small (4 hours to be consumed in a Month): 600 EUR.
  • Large (8 hours to be consumed within Three Months): 1100 EUR.

You don’t have to decide in advance, you can book your first hour on Calendly, and then decide if you want to purchase a package (paying the difference) or not.

The first hour is payable via PayPal Stripe at the end of the appointment booking process explained below.

In case you want to purchase a package, the difference will be paid in whatever form you prefer among PayPal, Stripe, Revolut, Wire Transfer, or Cash.

How to book an appointment?

I’ve set up a booking system on Calendly.


Click here to Book an Appointment


You can also book your appointment here below:

If you live in Zurich (or nearby) I’d love to meet you face to face.

Else, we will conduct the sessions via video call.

Please take a look at the FAQ section for cancelations, reschedule, and moneyback policies.

Mr. RIP’s credentials for this Offering

Yeah, cool… but who the heck are you, Mr. RIP? Why should I pay you for such a service?

Good point 🙂

In the end I’m just “a guy with a blog”.


  • I’m a Software/Research Engineer with a 20 years long successful career according to objective standards.
  • I worked in several fields in tech: videogame development, embedded, high performance, web development, cloud, backend, ML.
  • I’ve landed myself a job at Google, without having had a lot of help from family and friends.
  • I’ve been a Google Mentor (helping junior software engineer) for 4 years and Intern Host (facilitating interns’ experiences) for 2 years
  • I’m currently (August 2021) a Principal Research Engineer working in ML.
  • I went through a burn out from work myself, so I (anecdotally) know how to recognize, prevent and cope with that.
  • I’ve launched few side gigs (this blog, my services, my YouTube channel, more coming soon) that are now earning ~3k EUR per month and growing.
  • I’m an avid learner, and I’ve devoted a good part of my last 7-8 years into expanding my knowledge in well being, balance, happiness, purpose and meaning.
  • I’m already coaching people on their career development since 2012, and professionally thanks to my blog since early 2020.

If that’s enough for you, please take my hand

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What if I want to cancel/reschedule my interview?

Same guidelines for my other services apply. Take a look at them here.

I’m unhappy with the service, can I have my money back?

Same guidelines for my other services apply. Take a look at them here.

I f***ing hate PayPal, do you accept other forms of payment?

Same guidelines for my other services apply. Take a look at them here.

UPDATE: I switched to Stripe in mid May 2021 🙂

Are you going to bill me back-office time?

I’m only billing you 1:1 face time, unless you ask me to do something that requires more that 10 minutes of my time via mail or phone.

So, if you’re my customer you should feel free to ask me questions via mail or other mediums.

Please, keep in mind that not-billed requests are addressed by me on a best effort basis.

Where is the social proof? Where can I see your (un)satisfied customers feedback?

Oh, I don’t do that. I know that every respectable fake guru’s landing page should be filled with hundreds of 5 stars reviews, but I’m not going to do that. I don’t care. I’ve received a lot of private feedback and thank you messages, I’m not going to share them here. There are thousands of amazing public comments here on my blog, check them out if you care.

The closest thing to “customer feedback” I’ve published on my blog has been the 2020 Q1 free coaching review. Check it out. Mind that it’s long and articulated feedback, not a set of screenshots of decontextualized and cherrypicked sentences 🙂


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