External Resources

(Work in Progress)

Hi dear reader,

Welcome to the external resources section of Retire In Progress.

RIP is awesome, but there’s a lot of other awesome stuff on the internet!

Take a look at the Blogs I follow.

Take a look at the Online Communities I’m part of.

Or all the People who inspire me.

Here you can find a list of Podcasts I hear from time to time.

Or YouTube Channels I’m subscribed to.

Here’s a list of useful Tools, like banks, credit cards, brokers, online calculators and other visualization tools.

And finally a list of Books that shaped who I am today.

Along with a list of unique Links to individual resources that I find simply awesome.

You’re still here?

Ok, so you’re here for the real meat, aren’t you?

Here’s my full Learning Journal, i.e. the list of articles I read, updated pretty regularly, along with some notes.

Here are my Learning Projects, a list of fields/topics/people I want to explore more and go deep.


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