External Resources

(Work in Progress)

Hi dear reader,

Welcome to the external resources section of Retire In Progress.

RIP is awesome, but there’s a lot of other awesome stuff on the internet!

Take a look at the Blogs I follow.

Take a look at the Online Communities I’m part of.

Or all the People (WIP) who inspire me.

Here you can find a list of Podcasts I hear from time to time.

Or YouTube Channels I’m subscribed to.

Here’s a list of useful Tools, like banks, credit cards, brokers, online calculators and other visualization tools.

And finally a list of Books that shaped who I am today.

Along with a list of unique Links (WIP) to individual resources that I find simply awesome.

You’re still here?

Ok, so you’re here for the real meat, aren’t you?

Here’s my full Learning Journal (WIP), i.e. the list of articles I read, updated pretty regularly, along with some notes.

Here are my Learning Projects (WIP), a list of fields/topics/people I want to explore more and go deep.



  1. Ciao!
    Gli ultimi tre elenchi di risorse non hanno il link (Links, learning journal, learning projects).
    Grazie per aver fatto questo blog che sto conoscendo in questi giorni

      1. LOL.
        I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this page. The Learning Journal is either going to be part o my Digital Garden in Roam, or a link to the WLJ series 🙂

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