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I’m not a very active forum user anymore.

Personal Finance / Financial Independence

Best Forums

Mustachian Post Forum

Very active and Swiss-Oriented community. Thanks MP for having started this!


Vanguard and passive investing enthusiasts.

Finanza Online Forum (Italian)

Best place where to discuss finance related topics in Italian Language.

Good Old Days

I don’t follow them much anymore. Lack of time. Still goldmines.

Early Retirement dot Org

First FIRE forum I stumbled upon. A bit old, but gold.

Mr Money Mustache Forum

MMM’s followers.

ERE Forum

JLF’s followers. Extreme frugality.


Reddit is the “go to” community nowadays. Its subs are full of stories, gems, ideas… Reddit is my main “community” these days. Here’s a list of subs I follow, about PF/FIRE but not only.

I’m u/retireinprogress on reddit 🙂

Personal Finance / Financial Independence


Main sub for me. A lot of stories, a lot of interesting questions. A bit US-Centric, but not so much.


I browse it mostly to face reality. You’ll find people asking for advices while facing financially shitty situations. It reminds me how wise I’ve been in pursuing financial stability since the beginning.


People who aim to reach FI on a small budget. Worth taking a look at r/frugal and r/minimalism as well.


Similar to r/financialindependence, with an extra focus on the “early retirement”.


People who aim to reach FI on a large budget.


Swiss centric FIRE sub. Not much content though.


Europe specific FIRE sub. Even though I feel a EU citizen, I don’t find many advices generic enough to have a EU reach. I mean, EU is a mix of different nations with their own rules… that’s why we need a European Early Retirement Guide 🙂


Same as above.

ItaliaPersonalFinance (Italian)

Italian specific PF sub. This one is very good for Italians. Go and take a look!

FireIT (Italian)

Italian specific FIRE sub. It’s closer to r/wallstreetbets though 🙂



Don’t want to spoil this. Go there and check yourself. You’re welcome!


Do you love visualization of amazing data?


If you live boardgames, this is the place!


if you have a digital accumulation problem like I have…

Italy (Italian)

An incredibly good place filled with anonymous Italians with a brain. I know, it seems impossible…

Social Media

I’m not very active on Social Media.

You can follow my Facebook Page, where I essentially just share my articles, and sometimes other interesting links.

You can follow me on Twitter. This is probably the social media where I’m most active. I don’t have a personal Twitter account (while I do have a personal Facebook account), so if I’m on Twitter, I’m on it as Mr. RIP. And I must admit my Twitter feed is the “least uninteresting” social feed I visit.

Other Social Media I use but where I don’t have a very active Mr RIP presence are: Quora, Telegram, and LinkedIn.

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