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My YouTube Channel! Mostly in Italian Language, about everything, low quality… but it also has some flaws! Plus, I went Live on May 2021 for 2 hours where I explored all the youTube Channels I follow (video in Italian Language)

Personal Finance / FIRE / Investing

Ben Felix – Common Sense Investing – The best channel about investing on YT. Ben destroys all false myths, like active investing, dividend irrelevance, the 4% rule for early retiree… and he has a scientific approach, quoting papers and doing math. Make yourself a favor, binge watch all his videos. Then I’ll tell you which one to re-watch 3-4 times to not let their message leave your head.

The Plain Bagel – Another Canadian CFA (Richard Coffin) with an awesome channel about investing, and explaining things in a funny and simple way.

The Compound – RWM official YT channel, featuring Josh Brown, Barry Ritholtz, Ben Carlson, Michael Batnick and many guests. I love the “What are your Thoughts” series with Josh and Michael.

Already mentioned in the Podcasts page: Afford Anything, Mad FIentist.

Personal Growth

CGP Grey – Curiosity at its best. Pure awesomeness. Take a look at Humans Need not Apply, Yearly Themes, and Rules for Rulers, Lockdown Productivity, and The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant.

VSauce / Mind Field / D!NG – All creatures of Michael Stevens. Curiosity, science, fun, education. I would love to link some videos but I can’t just select 3, 4, or 5 of them, I’d love to link them all. Ok, start with this, this and this (and this [and this]).

Crash Course – Green brothers’ channel/project on Education. Probably the best channel on Education, along with Khan Academy. A collection of courses on both scientific and humanistic disciplines.

The School of Life – Alain De Botton’s School of Life is the most popular YT channel on psychology. I used to watch it a lot.

Fight Mediocrity – first YT channel on animated nonfiction book reviews. Transformed into something different after a long pause. Still an amazing channel.

After Skool – graphic animations over famous speeches by amazing people. I discovered Alan Watts thanks to After Skool.

Thoughty2 – Arran Lomas’ channel will sprinkle your curiosity. Memorable his video on why modern music is so awful, and then more recent one on why modern movies suck.

Steve Cutts – Sad, dystopian, realistic videos.

Thomas Frank – productivity for millennials. Good quality. But for millennials.

Coffeezilla – Fake Gurus exposed!

Mike Winnet – Contrepreneurs exposed!

Spencer Cornelia – Online Scam, Fake Gurus, Charlatans exposed!

Breaking Italy (Italian) – Alessandro Masala’s channel, about politics and more. My favorite Italian channel, even though

Roberto Mercadini (Italian) – Best Italian storyteller. Former software engineer turned theater actor and writer.

Wesa Channel (Italian) – an Italian philosopher with a brilliant mind.


Kurzgesagt – Best science (and more) channel. Animated videos, and a narrator voice. Based on a lot of research and interviews with experts.

Veritasium – Incredible videos on science, and meta science. For example this, this, and this (and this one, about his story, would make you, FIRE/Freedom seeker, cheers)

3Blue1Brown – The best math channel on YT. Take a look at Grant’s Lockdown Math series. 12 hours, and you can skip 5 years of high school math.

Domain of Science – I loved his “The Map of” series.

Numberphile – maybe the best recreational math channel ever!

MinuteEarth / MinutePhysics – short animated videos explaining complex stuffs in simple terms. Addictive.

PBS Space Time – Astrophysics, and a lot of mental speculation.

Link4universe (Italian) – Adrian Fartade’s YT channel about space and space exploration.

Entropy for Life (Italian) – biology from an Italian biologist.


Casually Explained – seemingly serious things explained in the funniest but detached way possible.

Wendover Productions – incredibly informative videos almost only about airplanes. It’s crazy how many different videos you can make about this topic. It makes me think that creativity in unlimited.

Half as Interesting – second channel of the amazing Wendover Production. Funny stories, usually about geography and geopolitics.

Real Life Lore – another crazy and funny channel about answers to weird questions.

Jelle’s Marble Runs – Marbles races. I didn’t know it was a thing. Now I’m addicted!

Vlogbrothers – Green brothers founded the internet. You can’t not love them.

TechLead – Sometimes I hate him, sometimes I love him. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Scream Fest – I have a minor passion for horror movies. This is a channel about short horror videos.

The Rankings – addictive channel with time series about everything.

The Jackal (Italian) – Probably the funniest Italian channel on YT.

Yotobi (Italian) – honorable mention to one of the first Italian YT channel.

Cartoni Morti (Italian) – Funny memes and mocking of politicians and more.

Scottecs (Italian) – Animated funny stories. Makes kids laugh. Makes adults laugh.

Relaxing / Focus Music

List of music channels I use to improve my focus and do deep work.

Jake Chudnow – soundtrack of VSauce videos.

Epic Mountain – soundtrack of Kurzgesagt videos.

Marconi Unions – ten hours of weightless and they would need to club you to interrupt your deep work session.

Gravity Sound – free to use audio library. Free to use music and SFX for your projects.

Kaki King – amazing guitar player with a special story. She collected the money for her first album as a street performer.

Cat Trumpet – collection of live relaxing music, including Studio Ghibli Music 24/7.

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