RIP Links

Hi Ripsters, this page contains a list of riplinks (links in the form<something>) that you may find useful. The riplink to this page is

Social Media

  • – YouTube Main Channel.
  • – Twitch Channel.
  • – YouTube Second Channel: personal, experimental, gaming, clips, etc.
  • – YouTube Third Channel: full length live streams from Twitch, mostly unedited.
  • – The Retire In Progress Blog (this blog).
  • – Telegram Channel RIP News, the place where I announce weekly schedule and news in general.
  • – Community Discord Server.
  • – r/mrrip subreddit.
  • – If you’re a Twitch subscriber, you can join the Telegram Group RIP Club.
  • – Instagram Page (not very active though).
  • – Twitter/X account (not very active though).
  • – Facebook Page (not very active though).
  • – Myspace page (not very active though).

Sponsors (affiliate links)

  • Brokers affiliate link. The broker I use since 2016, and one of my main sponsors.
  • Republic, one of my main sponsors. You can get a sign up bonus if you also use the code: WSZ7S2GL.
  • – Broker Decision Flowchart, in Italian language.
  • affiliate link.
  • Influencer Page (still WIP).
  • affiliate link.
  • (ex Transferwise) affiliate link.
  • Store affiliate link (also: use the code MRRIP5 for a 5% discount on products not already on sale).
  •, for Pillar 3A and Vested Benefits Account in Switzerland. Use the code MRIPI6 for a small chance of winning a full year of Pillar 3A contribution.
  • me a Coffee. But I don’t drink coffee, so I’ll buy a beer instead 🙂

Docs & Sheets (& other useful links)

  • – Net worth Spreadsheet.
  • – Guide (in Italian language) about how to use my spreadsheet
  • – What am I doing on the internet? (Italian language, sorry).
  • – Retire In Progress GmbH vision for 2023-2026 and beyond (Italian language, sorry).
  • – My philosophy on content creation monetization.
  • – Google Drive folder with docs and spreadsheets that I use in live streams.
  • – Boardgames owned (and desired).
  • – Google Calendar with RIP Live streaming events (not up to date YET).
  • – My Public Roam Research (PKM) database
  • – List of books I read and recommend.
  • – List of Personal Finance books I recommend (in Italian language, sorry).


Services & Products

  • – List of services I offer.