I’m not a heavy podcast listener though.

Personal finance and Financial Independence

Mad Fientist Podcast

Probably the best Podcast on FIRE. I loved all episodes. Best ones: the one with MMM, the one with Michael Kitces, the one with Chris Hutchins.

Choose FI

The most popular FI podcast. I must admit I only listened to few episodes, and it’s a bit too US-centric. But it can’t go unmentioned in this list.

Afford Anything

Paula’s podcast is very high quality, and most of the time has amazing guests!

Rational Reminder

Weekly podcast hosted by Ben Felix (don’t tell me you don’t know ho he is!) and his colleague Cameron Passmore.

Invest Like the Best

Patrick O’Shaughnessy podcast is focused on investing and entrepreneurship. In each episode Patrick interviews someone with a great story to tell. Ultra recommended!

Animal Spirit

Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick podcast. Love it!

Financial Independence Europe Podcast

Main European podcast on FI. I’ve been featured two times 🙂

InCassaForte Pod (Italian)

Italian podcast hosted by Andrea (incassaforte.com). Good quality, and a lot of funny jokes. I’m still waiting to get invited… è_é


The Knowledge Project

Shane Parrish’s podcast is the best one for me. Focusing on learning, thinking, decision making. He interviewed so many amazing people. Go and take a look!


A podcast by CGP Grey (does he need an introduction?) and Myke Hurley (co-founder of Relay FM and host of dozens of podcasts). Productivity, learning, curiosity, the brain, a lot of fun. A bit long, but worth its time!

Hello Internet

Another podcast by CGP Grey. Nerds only, please 🙂

North Star Podcast

David Perell’s podcast. Mostly interviews to writers or learners. A bit too irregular, but very high quality if you’re into writing and content creation.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Listened to only few episodes, but got a lot of exposure to the show thanks to both Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors books.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Can  I not name it here? I’ve only watched two episodes (Elon Musk and Bernie Sanders) and I would love to find a way to slow down time so that I can watch more of this, and more of everything else I want to watch/listen/read. What an amazing time to be alive!

Standard Deviation

Started listened recently, a couple of episodes. SD is: “a conversational podcast that examines sex, drugs, science, philosophy, psychology, & a limitless range of human deviations with openness, curiosity, empathy, & humor”. Extremely good quality!

Daily Cogito (Italian)

RickDuFer is a youtuber philosopher, and his daily podcast is your best way to start the day.

Breaking Italy Podcast (Italian)

Shy’s podcast is the best one in Italy in my opinion. Sadly he runs less than an episode a month.

Contiene Parolacce (Italian)

An Italian stand-up comedian I like a lot. Be careful, “it contains profanity” 🙂

Not strictly Podcasts but who cares about definitions?

TED Talks

Not watching them much anymore, but I can recall dozens of them who radically changed my mind in the last 10 years.

… Also check TEDx, and TED-Ed out 🙂


Naval Ravikant’s podcast. Actually it’s just his voice recorded. Short form. Like a spoken twitter channel. Except that at one point he published the “How to Get Rich: Every Episode“, and now you have the answer to the unasked question: “how would you recommend me to invest my time if I only had 3 hours and half to devote to learning anything?”. You’re welcome!

Relay FM

“independent podcast network for people who are creative, curious, and maybe even a little obsessive – just like its hosts”. Did you also check all the boxes? 🙂

Last Week Tonight

John Oliver’s show. A must.

The Patrioct Act

Discovered in June 2020 (so late) I’d call this show a leftish version of Last Week Tonight. Hasan Minhaj rocks! The show makes me laugh and think.

Some Good News

John Krasinski (Jim Halpert in “The Office”) started this during Covid-19 Pandemic, and – ok I get it, it’s a bit too emotional but I’m Italian what the hell do you want?? – fell in love at first sight. I heard this might become something regular, and more commercial, and without JK… let’s see.

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