Hire me!

You can buy my time for a meeting, either “on site” at my headquarter in Zurich or in videocall.

You pick the topic. I used to offer services around career development, financial education, and mock software interview. You decide how to spend time together, so feel free to ask me whatever you want.


The prices includes VAT (whenever and wherever applicable for this kind of services).

If you need an invoice/receipt please specify it on the booking page (or just tell me while meeting).

This service is intended for private use, B2C. I don’t grant you the right to use our time together for commercial purposes (like recording an interview to be published somewhere else). If you need B2B services from me, use the contact form.


Who am I paying my money to?

The service is offered to you by:

Retire in Progress GmbH,
Albisriederstrasse 252A, 8047 Zurich (Switzerland)
Mwst (VAT Number): CHE-474.826.710 MWST

Why are you so expensive?

Because I don’t have much free time, so my time costs quite a bit.

Is it worth its price?

I don’t know… maybe yes, maybe not. I’m not here try to convince you to buy my services, I’m actually setting their price to the minimum amount that doesn’t make me scream when another hour on my calendar has been booked.

What if I want to cancel/reschedule my interview?

I hate to be formal, but when money is involved it’s better to be as formal as possible, and anticipate all the corner cases (like a good Software Engineer would do):

  1. If you cancel your appointment at most the day before the scheduled date, I’ll refund you 100% (minus payment processor costs).
  2. If you cancel your appointment at most 4 hours before the starting time, I’ll refund you 50%.
  3. You can reschedule your appointment free of charge (just once) at most 4 hours before, but the appointment will not be refundable (nor reschedulable) anymore.

The above conditions are guaranteed. However, if you have last minute documented problems or special needs please write me an email. I might allow exceptions to the rules.

For 100% refunds (cancelation at most the day before) I will refund you whatever the Payment Platform (PayPal, Stripe, Wire Transfer) allows me to. I won’t keep a dime, but I won’t take care of their fees, which according to their current fee structure and package price could be between 0 and 5% of the price paid.

Some accountability rules apply to me as well: if I need to reschedule an appointment in the last 4 hours before the starting time, you get 50% back.

I’m unhappy with the service, can I have my money back?

I’m sorry to hear that the experience didn’t meet your expectations.

In general, I will refund you in case of impeding technical issues on my side, but I won’t refund you for low perceived service quality.

I’m a professional and I’m committing my own time on our meetings. I guess you wouldn’t ask for a refund if your tax advisor told you that you have to pay more taxes than expected.

But I do care about constructive feedback a lot. Please tell me what disappointed you, what didn’t meet your expectations, what your issues were. I might offer you an extra session for free, or a partial/total refund. I’m not a robot.

I would like to pay in CHF or USD or whatnot. May I?

I can accept Revolut and Twint transfer, but they’d add extra bookkeeping on my side. You can contact me via mail or Contact Form if you prefer to use Revolut or Twint, but mind that I might be very slow at replying.

Are you going to bill me back-office time?

I don’t do any back office work. Feel free to send me documents via mail, but I might not me able to spend extra time on your case outside of our face to face time.

Maybe we agree on a tailored service where I do some sort of offline work for you, but that’s outside of the basic services shown here.

These are the general rules, but once you’re a customer of mine I won’t push back a gentle request from you that requires no more that 10 minutes of my time via mail. Please, keep in mind that not-billed requests are addressed by me on a best effort basis.

Where is the social proof? Can I see your (un)satisfied customers feedback?

Oh, I don’t do that. I know that every respectable fake guru’s landing page should be filled with hundreds of 5 stars reviews, but I’m not going to do that. I don’t care. I’ve received a lot of private feedback and thank you messages, I’m not going to share them here. There are thousands of amazing public comments here on my blog, check them out if you care.

The closest thing to “customer feedback” I’ve published on my blog has been the 2020 Q1 free coaching review. Check it out. Mind that it’s long and articulated feedback, not a set of screenshots of decontextualized and cherrypicked sentences 🙂

Have a nice day!