Welcome to my monetization page!

What is this page about?


Seriously, this page is meant to collect all the ways this blog can or could generate some money to me.

I plan to add a manifesto, a transparency policy (will take inspiration from Our Next Life amazing manifesto and transparency policy, use them as a placeholder for now), maybe several sub-pages to this one with ways to “work with me”, “hire me”, “donate”, “affiliate marketing” and so on. I still don’t have clear plans.

Will update this page over time, stay tuned 🙂

For now, if you really want to offer me a coffee you have the following options:


Paypal.me lets you select the amount you want to donate, and the currency. It takes a 4-5% cuts (which sucks a bit).


Ko-fi is used by many creators. It’s uses paypal and stripe as payment methods and it claims to be “free”. Here you can find a honest review and comparison with paypal, patreon, BMAC, adn more.