Tablerone 2022-02-21

Meta Tablerone

Federico Maracaglia

Marcello Ascani: Tutte le mie fonti

Rational Animation: Bayes’ Rule

3Blue1Brown: Bayes theorem

Arbital: Bayes’ Rule

Farnam Street: Probabilistic Thinking

Read The Sequences

Roberto Tallarita



The Real Mr RIP

Piero Savastano: Reazione a Mr RIP

Different Glasses: Machine Learning, determinismo ed alchimia

Risk Management

La Posta di RIP: Investire da giovani

Finally Fired after 6 years (original – now deleted – reddit thread)

Nick Maggiulli: The High Cost of an Easy Job

Career graphs

Smart Experience: Bear Vs Bull Card Game

18 charts that explain the American economy

Career Development

MIT: Performance Engineering of Software Systems

Pragmatic Engineer

SuperHeroes Valley


Quality Entertainment

CGP Grey: The Interstate’s Forgotten Code

3Blue1Brown: Solving Wordle

Kurzgesagt: What Happens if the Moon Crashes into Earth?

Amedeo Balbi: Punti di Lagrange

Tim Ferriss show – Cal Newport

Lex Fridman – Tim Urban

RickDuFer – Wesa

NFT & Web3

Blockchain, Crypto, NFT e capirci qualcosa (1, 2)

The Line Goes Up

Coffeezilla vs Ice Poseidon (video, call)

Opensea 50 item limit

Datagenetics: NFT Gaming is snake oil

The Biggest NFT Video Game’s Economy Is Collapsing Because NFT Games Don’t Work

The NFT Ecosystem Is a Complete Disaster

Anti Web3

NFT Italia (1, 2)

L’uomo che voleva pagare con la foto di un ragno nel 2008

Wesa: una serata di vero delirio


How the world works

DJ Lubel is back in Town

DJ Lubel: Wrong Hole

Taryn Southern: Wrong Hole (untold story)

Taryn Southern: Meet my AI Clone

 Taryn Southern: Surviving Cancer

Changing gender to retire earlier

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