Q2 2021 – The Elephant In The Brain

The Elephant In The Brain

The main thesis of the book is that we are very often not aware of our real reasons for most of our behaviors. Our behaviors are optimized for living in a social group and very often, from the point of view of natural selection, it is useful if we are not consciously aware of our real motivations.

RIP Book Club Resources

  • Discussion Forum on Bookclubz. it’s just a link to the book club, not a link to this specific book in the book club. If we’re going to use this platform for many more books it might be hard to scavenge discussions related to this book.
  • RIP Book Notes, highlights, and exercises on RIP Public Roam Database. If you only care about book highlights (without my notes and my exercises), I recommend to filter the tag MyNote out:

External Resources

  • Robin Hanson’s 40 minutes lecture about the book

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