Mexico, before the Wall

Fun facts and Conclusions

Fun fact number 1: I broke a premolar tooth with my tongue while trying to remove food between my teeth 🙁 I know, it sounds ridiculous but it’s true. It’s a small piece of tooth that fragmented itself and left a small hole. I panicked, never happened to me. I’ve been given the gift of never having visited a Dentist in my whole life. Till age 39 it seems. Anyway, it didn’t hurt and still it doesn’t. As even Swiss people do, I avoided a Swiss dentist visit. On December 17th, during yet another trip to Milan, I’ve been visited for free by the dentist where all Miss RIP’s family member go and got a temporary fix. Next step would be to apply a permanent fix and maybe devitalize the tooth. Costs are 170 EUR for the sole permanent fix, eventually +200 EUR if devitalization is needed. I’m scared as hell, but at least it won’t be a financial disaster 🙁

Fun fact number 2: I hate connecting flights. I always try to avoid them, even if this means paying more. This time we were forced to, there were no direct flight from here to Cancun. Both ways we had a very tight connecting flight. On the way to Mexico we had to run thru Dusseldorf’s airport to make it, and we did with 5 minutes margin. On the return flight we missed it. The flight from Cancun was 15 hours late and the German security guys were irremovable and had to carefully check we were not terrorists. 27 people lost their connecting flight. We had to take another flight with another stop and reach home at 7pm instead of 10am. On Sunday. Without our luggages. Luckily in 3-4 days all our four luggages have been found and returned safely home.

Few hateful thoughts now 🙂

I hate tips driven economy. I hate it, full stop. I mean, I’d really like to give feedback on services and have a person’s salary bound to the quality of their service, but that’s not how it works where tips are the rule. You must always tip at least 10% if not 15%. It’s sometimes included in the bill. But if there’s the suspect you won’t tip, you’ll get the worst service ever. It’s closer to extortion than gratitude. You are expected to tip for everything, even your car rental clerk is expecting it. There’s no connection with quality of service, it’s essentially just tax evasion.

Btw, speaking of taxes… I’ve seen no official receipt during the whole two weeks stay. Guys, seriously, do you pay taxes? You show your pride everywhere, you love your country, you love to dress traditionally but… what about paying back?

I hate begging. I know I’ll be unpopular here and it’s ok, I accept it. But still I hate adults (let’s put children aside here) asking money without providing any kind of service. I’ve always been disturbed by that. I do happily tip people who play instruments or perform some form of street art, but no, if you’re not even able to use your time in a creative way stay away from me, please.

I hate when I don’t see price tags. I don’t want to have to fight for prices. I want a clear price tag you should be proud of exposing. It’s not like you’ll ever convince me that: “amigo, this is good stuff, it’s 100 Pesos but only for you let’s do 50“. No no no no. Put a price tag of 100 Pesos then let me see how many products you sell and only then maybe I’ll trust your special offer.

I hate when merchants annoy me. I generally don’t like to go for shopping. I hate to go for souvenir’s shopping. Sadly, Miss RIP is an incredibly (too much) social animal and she has a list of all the people who we should buy a gift this time so… let’s go for souvenir’s shopping trip. Just once and just for a couple of hours, not more. Wherever you go, as soon as you make eye contact with a merchant or just look at some of their sheetty products they’ll jump on you trying to convince you to buy their craps. Please no. Every time you do so all you gain is that I simply walk away. The items we purchased where from stores where the merchants didn’t care about us wandering around. I don’t know, is there someone who really changes their mind when bothered by merchants? If they keep doing so it must mean that yes, this tactic works. Not with me though, I’m sorry.

That’s all folks!

Are you still here?

Wow, thank you so much for following me till the very end of this incredibly long post about Mexico where I can’t believe I never mentioned the word Iguana once!

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Have a nice Holiday season!


  1. Hi RIP,
    did a similar trip 12 years ago (the first part, no island).
    At the time tourist were allowed to climb the temple at Chichen Itza (little bit scary – and dangerous – to climb down, though…).
    Drove a rented car without problems (in Chiapas too, where you’ll be a little scared the first time you see these chains strained in front of you, then you get used to…). Only problem we had driving up to San Cristobal, the car overheated and wasn’t able to climb anymore…luckily we were pulled along by a truck full loaded with water carboys… 🙂

    1. You brave for driving in Chiapas!
      And lucky too, I know til few years ago (in the order of… 2-3) you could climb the ruins 🙁

      Personal curiosity: how was the interaction with the Truck driver who escorted you to San Cristobal? Did he try to sell all his water reserve to you? 😀

      1. No problem at all with the truck driver ! At the beginning we were a little bit scared cause the car was connected to the truck with an old rope and we were concerned about safety…
        Generally we have had a really good experience with the people and didn’t get bothered at all (perhaps only some tenacious sellers in the 2 pueblos S. Juan Chamula and Zinacantan). From this point of view I think we had a better experience than you (I also don’t like being bothered too much while hanging around), maybe less tourists around ? We were there in February 2005.

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