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My take on Cryptocurrencies – Part 2: The Bad

Hi Ripsters,

I didn’t plan to write about Crypto today. It’s not a topic that interests me much. But every other question I receive is about Cryptos and NFTs, and I think it might make sense to vomit my thoughts about this fantastic world that my boomer brain can’t fully grasp.

I sometimes question my possibilist approach to almost everything. I will find convincing reasons behind every side of each debate about any topic. I’m aware of the work required to have an opinion and I do my best to keep my opinions at bay when I haven’t done all “the work required”. The more I look for “the truth”, the more I discover that I know nothing.

John Snowcrates is my hero.

But on the crypto thing, truth is so clear to me that I need to pay respect to my biases. I’ve looked for other sides of reality, listened to respectable exponents of the crypto-enthusiasts crowd, and approached the global discussion with an open attitude.

The more I look around, the more I think I see it clearly: in their current form, cryptos are Ponzi schemes. And NFTs are Ponzi schemes squared.

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My take on Cryptocurrencies – Part 1: The Ugly

Part 2: The Bad –> Hi cRIPto’s, I heard they outlawed “having a PF blog without a post about Cryptocurrencies”. Let’s fix this now. I […]

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