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I’m not dead (yet) – part 1

Hello Ripsters, Giorgio here.

I’m not dead, and the blog isn’t as well.

It’s been over a year since I’ve published my last post. And that “post” was essentially just a link to a video. Like the previous one. The last “written” post dates back to July 5th 2021, and it was a MLJ. Well, if you were a reader of mine you probably forgot about me by now.

Anyway, today I decided to block a full day on my calendar to just write, with no distractions and no other commitments. Just a scary blank page. I’m going to write a global all-encompassing update on my life, work, finances, family, etc.

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How I track my finances using spreadsheets Part 6: Historical Income and Expenses, and Time to Broke

Hi RIP readers,

we have another lightweight “on the beach” post today.

I know, my public spreadsheet is getting way too big (and a bit slow), and I should probably pull something out.

Not today though.

I’ve been playing a bit too much with my Net Worth Spreadsheet lately, and ended up adding a few extra sheets that I’d like to show you today. I’ve added sheets to monitor income and expenses across multiple years (I’m tracking them in detail since beginning of 2016), and a mini retirement calculator.

Let’s look at them one by one

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Identity revealed, and first service launched!

Hi Ripsters,

Today is the day I unveil my face, and launch my first service 🙂

It’s almost 5 years I’m writing on this blog, and I’ve been hiding behind the Mr. RIP pseudonym.

I will continue to call myself Mr. RIP, but from now on you can also call me Giorgio 🙂

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Coronavirus April Journal 2020 Day Update 73 – Mashup Edition

Hi RIP readers, It’s May 2nd 2020 as I start writing this post, which is: A Coronavirus Journal, Day 76. Btw, I started counting the […]

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Midlife Crisis insourced: season finale – a chat with myself

Mr DIP: “It’s easy. You just send them an email with the following content: ‘bye, I’m quitting’. Got it? Done? Do you want me to […]

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Midlife Crisis crowdsourced: chats with Andrey, Faustino, Mr VCF and Mr GFY

Mr GFY: “Hey RIP… I reached my number! 😀” RIP: “WTF… holy crap… congrats! Do you mean you’re FI now? Wait, how do they say […]

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Midlife Crisis outsourced: a chat with SuperBoss

Hi RIP friends, today we have another personal post about my Midlife Crisis. The blog will get back on “personal finance” after the series is […]

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Midlife Crisis outsourced: a dinner with KM-Finanzen

Hi RIP friends, I guess it’s time to write about my midlife crisis. First of all, it’s not over yet. I guess it’s a process […]

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What Would You Do If You Got Given €1 Million?

Hi RIP friends, I’m finding new fancy bloggy ways to procrastinate writing about important stuff! This time it’s a thought experiment being run in the UK […]

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