2020 Q3 Financial Update

Hi RIP readers,

Welcome to our latest Quarterly Financial (and Personal) Update!

It seems centuries have passed since my previous quarterly financial update. I had to re-read it to get a sense of “where I was” three months ago.

I’ll first analyze our finances – as always – then few aspects of my personal life.

I’m sure you’re now better equipped to follow the financial aspects of our quarterly updates, right? What? Didn’t you seethe 5 posts (so far) series I published on my spreadsheets? Very bad…

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Quick 2020 Q2 Financial Update

Hi RIP readers, Here’s a quick 2020 Q2 (April, May, June) Financial Update. I plan to keep it “short”. April has been covered in a previous confused post, so this is essentially a May-June 2020 update. I think you should know by now, but let me repeat: I keep my

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Coronavirus April Journal 2020 Day Update 73 – Mashup Edition

Hi RIP readers, It’s May 2nd 2020 as I start writing this post, which is: A Coronavirus Journal, Day 76. Btw, I started counting the days since Market top (Feb 19th 2020), so it’s not strictly Covid related, but more “financial impact of the Covid”-related A (quick) April 2020 Financial

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2020 Q1 Update – The End of the World

Hi dear readers, Most of the “personal updates” for Q1 2020 have been published during last three months, so this update is mostly a financial one. [UPDATE: Nope, it isn’t… it’s still a 7k words post 😀 ] What happened in Q1 2020? Well, maybe the right question to ask

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2019 Q4 (October-November-December) Update – Back to Work

Hi dear readers, Yes, two consecutive posts on our financial update. After this one I plan to publish another personal post (about the flat move), then it’s time to put my hands on some technical topic 🙂 NOTE: brace yourself. This is by far the longest post on this blog.

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2019 Q3 (July-August-September) Financial Update – Shame on us!

Hi dear readers, I know. We’re in 2020 already, and you read it right: this is Q3 (July-September) 2019 quarterly update, not Q4 (October-December). That’s how much I’m behind. Q4 2019 has been a tough quarter, where I experienced the real scarcity of time. I returned to work full time, time

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June 2019 Update – MillionEUR!

Hi dear readers, I miss you so much 🙂 June has been a very intense month for RIP family. A good month overall. I feel much better now compared to a month ago, when I wrote my previous update. I know, many of you would like to read more personal

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May 2019 Financial Update

Hi RIP friends, This is an ultra-short post on May 2019 RIP finances (spoiler: it’s been a shitty month) and some personal updates. First: I’m alive 🙂 Saying that because quite a few people reached me out to check if everything is good because “I didn’t see new posts for

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March (and February) 2019 Personal Update

Hi RIP friends, as promised on my last financial update, here’s my personal update for last couple of months 🙂 Blog March has been a record month in terms of views and visitors! Wow, and I only published 2 posts! It helped that I got mentioned on RockStar Finance and

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