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The Almanack of Paul Graham

Hi Ripsters,

I’m a huge fan of Paul Graham.

Paul is the co-founder of Y Combinator and one of the greatest essayist of modern era.

I’ve read I guess 70% of his essays, several of them multiple times (I reached double digits re-readings count on The age of the Essay) and I’ve already shared some of his essays in my Learning Journals with you in the past months.

A good chunk of my life philosophy has been influenced by Paul’s writing. I wish I had his writings available when I was younger. Luckily you, 20-years-younger-than-me reader, have access today to his entire body of work.

Few months ago this crazy idea popped up in my mind: I wanted to write The Almanack of Paul Graham.

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Fake Gurus and Contrepreneurs

UPDATE: this post has been heavily edited on December 7th 2020, following my decision to take down most of the content where I expose Fake Gurus directly. Hi (Italian) readers, This is a follow up of my previous post about TIMWWTM and his company. But it’s not a post centered

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Survival of the Fittest

Hi RIP readers, I think this Covid thing, while being hard to cope with in the short term, will improve the world thanks to the survival of the fittest! We’ll get rid of the old ones, the already dying ones, those who we should actively be shutting down and we

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Rip and Ben

Hi dear readers, Today I want you to meet my friend Ben. Say hi to Ben 🙂 Who’s Ben? He’s Ben Carlson of course! Sadly, Ben is not a real friend of mine, and I don’t think he’s even aware of my existence. But I follow his blog since quite

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SILLY interview 1: with MustachianPost

Hi dear readers, welcome to my new unexpected (by myself), unscheduled and unplanned first episode of my new post series – that may die after just one episode – named SILLY Interviews! Silly stays for Start Intentional Living your Life, YOLO! And it’s of course an acronym I just made

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