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My experimentations with Covered Calls Part 1: Why and What

Hi dear Ripsters,

This is the first post of a short(?) series of posts about my experimentations with Stock Options, in particular with Covered Calls.

In this episode I’ll show you what is a covered call, and why adding them to your portfolio might be a good idea.

I plan to write more posts about my option trades, how to trade options with Interactive Brokers, and… I don’t know yet, it’s a relatively new topic for me! I’ll surely document the evolution of my strategy over time, the mistakes I make, and the lessons I learn.

Your feedback is very well welcome 🙂

Again, managing options is dangerous. like playing with a knife. It can be the most useful tool in the world, but you do one thing wrong and you cut your finger. I’m only using this tool to reduce risk.


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