Hi Ripsters,

This is a quick post about what’s going on in the RIP Empire Building.

It’s been a very intense March 2021 for me, and it’s not over yet!

Before we start, save the date: March 31st 2021: Live spreadsheet update on YouTube! 


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I have a Dream: RIP Coworking!

Hi RIP Readers, today it’s a quick one.

Every single day I pass in front of an empty office in my neighborhood (Zurich Albisrieden/Altstetten) which is on lease since a couple of months. It’s an amazing 80-100sqm office space with a bathroom, at a reasonable price that can probably be negotiated down a bit.

I can’t get rid of this weird desire to renting it, and starting a kind of Coworking space. What an amazing idea for a Covid winter, right? 😀 

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Financial Independence Week Europe (FIWE) 2018 Report – RIP’s trip in Romania

Hi RIP friends, Last month, in June, we’ve been traveling for 2 weeks in Italy to attended a wedding and let grandparents play with BabyRIP for a while. Being away from home for that long for the first time after BabyRIP was born has not been easy. To make things

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I have a dream

I take a small break in my financial story series to answer a call to action for bloggers by family W, owners of the amazing blog What Life Could Be. The post I’m talking about is this one: In Search of the Perfect Community Go read it, enjoy it, dream about it, then

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