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Hi Ripsters,

This is a quick post about what’s going on in the RIP Empire Building.

It’s been a very intense March 2021 for me, and it’s not over yet!

Before we start, save the date: March 31st 2021: Live spreadsheet update on YouTube! 


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2020 Q4 Financial Update Part 3: Personal and Blog update

Hi Ripsters,

WordPress reminds me that this is post number 200 on the blog! Wo-ooh, let’s party! What a better way to celebrate than writing about personal and blog updates of last quarter?

I know that Q4 2020 seems a geological era ago, I know that we’re closer to the end of Q1 2021 (which means another update will come in a month or so), and that a lot has changed in last two months, at least in my intentions. But let’s do it anyway, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

Let’s get started 🙂

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Blog redesign WIP, and a project announcement

Hi RIP readers, This week I didn’t write a new article because I’ve been focusing on a static pages redesign for my blog. The redesign […]

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Quick post for those who read my mashable interview today

Hi readers, Yes, I know, I’m behind schedule and you want to know how my new work experiment is going. Please be patient. Life has […]

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My Financial Black Belt Interview on Millionaire Dojo

Hi RIP friends, I’ve been interviewed by the blogger Nathan Clarke, financial sensei at Millionaire Dojo. I love his Black Belt Interview series, and all […]

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March (and February) 2019 Personal Update

Hi RIP friends, as promised on my last financial update, here’s my personal update for last couple of months 🙂 Blog March has been a […]

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My Millionaire Interview on ESI Money

Hi friends, I’m on a idyllic weekend alone! Will reach family in Italy on Monday 24th. Expect a “November Update” post tomorrow” 🙂 Tonight just […]

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Who the hell is Rico Pelli?

“RIP, you there?” Cmon, it’s Sunday, I’m resting… one usually rests on Sunday! “But you’re not working since a month and half. What do you […]

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Financial Independence Europe Podcast featuring… me :)

“Hey RIP, wake up… wake up…” What… what time is it? It’s late! What do you want from me? “I was listening to a podcast […]

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