RIP is taking a Blogging Break

Hi Friends, 

I’m pausing my blogging activity for a while, or maybe just slowing it down, I don’t know yet.

As I said in my last monthly update, I feel like I’m half-assing everything and not full assing anything. Blogging for me means writing, talking about finance, networking, being committed with my personal finance, being creative, sharing my knowledge, being useful, giving, build my knowledge and many more things. In these 2.5 years my blog has been one of my most successful projects, according to my own personal judgement. Yes, I also got married, was promoted at Hooli, had become a father… as you can see the competition for “most successful project” is not an easy one 🙂

I love it. And because I love it, I need to slow down for a while. It’s a passion that’s “consuming” me, requiring a lot of attention and effort. I love it that’s what I want to do FULL TIME one day. It’s one of my “dream job”. But I already have a job and a family and some gentle reminders from my body that I should also sleep sometimes.

Wanting to blog all the time and not having time to blog all the time is making me sad all the time (by some definition of “all he time”).

I’m taking a small break to regroup mental troops, to come back stronger and more committed 🙂

I plan to keep a single monthly update post which, as you have learned, looks like a good old early 00’s blog post – i.e. what blogs were all about in the prehistory of internet. Plus maybe some sporadic announcement.

So, for those who are going to ask: EERG is in standby for now (but not dead, I’ll be back).


  1. Have a good rest Mr. RIP!
    And thank you for your useful and thoughful posts, I always enjoy reading them.

    Happy holiday season 🙂

  2. I will miss your posts! Especially now that I am losing a lot of money on the stock market (seems like I started heavily investing right at the peak) I would have loved to read your comments about it.

    Hope to read you again soon and good luck with everything.

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