Lifestyle inflation and Early Retirement: Nat is Wrong

Hi RIP readers,

I mentioned several times how much I like almost anything Nat Eliason writes or does.

– I purchased his Effortless Output with Roam course when price was 100 USD (and got 100 USD Roam credits for this).
– I linked four of his articles in my first WLJ post, two of which I’ve read and re-read many times.
– I’ve bookmarked in the “Awesome” category more than 10 of his posts about skill building, about writing, about thinking, some of his book reviews (The Elephant in the Brain is the best one), about the reproducibility crisis in psychological experiments, about social disobedience, about passive income, and many more.

I also liked his old post about Financial Independence. Nothing new, but seeing that Nat in on board with our “movement” made me feel in good company 🙂

Ok, today I want to write a review of his latest post on the 75% Rule for Lifestyle inflation & Early Retirement.

Dear Nat, even if the message you want to broadcast is very good (telling people to not splurge all their salary raises), I think your math is wrong on so many levels!

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Coronavirus April Journal 2020 Day Update 73 – Mashup Edition

Hi RIP readers, It’s May 2nd 2020 as I start writing this post, which is: A Coronavirus Journal, Day 76. Btw, I started counting the days since Market top (Feb 19th 2020), so it’s not strictly Covid related, but more “financial impact of the Covid”-related A (quick) April 2020 Financial

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Will I be comfortable withdrawing from principal in Early Retirement?

Hi RIP friends, FIRE math is easy, isn’t it? You work for a decade or two (or half), save a shit-ton of money, at least 50% of you income, accumulate accumulate accumulate, experience the good feeling of watching your bank account go up up up, invest invest invest to make

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European Early Retirement Guide – a Call to Action

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What if I Retire at 65?

Hi RIP friends, I just jumped out of the shower, whose definition on RIPipedia is: The shower is the place where 99% of blog ideas show up but get lost after 10 seconds because you don’t have pen and paper and your memory is so degraded that Guy Pearce’s character

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Playing with FIRE

Hi RIP friends, you won’t believe this: a short post by Mr RIP! Yeah sure RIP, when you start like this it always ends up with thousands and thousands of words… No, trust me! I don’t have time anymore for anything, I’m a father now and I’m supposed to be

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Money is not the problem: meet Joe

Hi RIPpers, As you know, at Hooli we’re all multi-billionaire! Why? Came on, You know why! I’ve always been open about my salary and… “Yeah, you earn a lot of money, but that’s probably because you’re a Director or a VP or what? The CEO??” No, I’m actually one of the lowest leveled

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