I will interview Ben Felix on Tuesday February 28th!

Hi Ripsters,

As the title says, on Tuesday February 28th (2023), 3-5pm CET, I will have the immense pleasure of having Ben Felix on my Twitch Channel for a live interview.

While the unedited live streaming will be available on my Twitch Channel for the following 60 days, we aim to publish an edited version on my YouTube Channel roughly a week later.

Who’s Ben Felix? Really? If you stumbled upon my blog there’s no way you don’t know who Ben Felix is. Anyway, let’s be gentle with the infidels 🙂

Ben Felix is currently a Portfolio Manager and Head of Research at PWL Capital, a Canadian wealth management company.

Ben is probably better known for his public presence:

Ben is a strong advocate of passive investing. I’ve been watching/commenting/reacting to several of his videos on my channel (mostly in Italian language, sorry). I collected all of them in this playlist.

I’m going to prepare for this interview with care, but we still have some space for “audience questions”. Feel free to leave your question on my subreddit (mr.rip/ben) and/or upvote/downvote other questions. Please, no questions that could configure as a personalized financial advice.

The most interesting ones will be brought to Ben’s attention.

Of course you can also drop your question in chat during the live stream, but I’ll be busy handling my guest so I’m not sure how much attention you’ll get…

That’s it for today, see you on February 28th!


P.S. yes, I’ll also write the “part two” of I’m not dead (yet) soon-ish, probably in early March.



  1. Amazing! I am a massive fan of the Rational Reminder and your Blog also. Didn’t really follow you once you turned all Italian back again and started streaming in Italian (don’t know the language unfortunately), but I am really glad you are still alive and kicking!

  2. Amazing news. Same here. Happy English subscriber and fan of Ben Felix YouTube channel and rational reminder podcast.
    I will look forward for thé YouTube version beginning of March.

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