Month: May 2021

Patti Chiari – The Full Story

Hi RIPsters,

I know, I’ve been missing on this blog for quite some time. I’m playing probably too much with my YouTube and Twitch channels (check my events page if you want to follow my live streams).

Yeah, I know, I owe you an update on the mess, and it’s coming (hopefully) soon.

Meanwhile, yesterday, on Friday May 28th, on RSI LA1 aired a Patti Chiari episode where I’ve been featured (sorry, Italian language only).

In my opinion this 15 minutes episode is really good, especially from a “storytelling” point of view. It’s a very very simplified version of the 10+ hours long analysis I’ve run on both their policies.

I’ve written this post is to show you some extra details, and my process to come up with the conclusion shared on the show.

And of course, the spreadsheet I’ve used for the simulation 🙂

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Monthly Learning Journal 15 (3/5/2021)

Hi RIP readers, welcome to the May 2021 edition of the Monthly Learning journal (MLJ).

A lot of high quality content has reached my attention recently, mainly because you – my readers – are pointing me toward amazing resources. I guess 40% of this MLJ episode has been recommended by you. It’s becoming a collective “monthly best of the web” magazine. I’m just the flag bearer.

Today MLJ themes are… well, it’s hard to extract a few common themes this month, which means I’m getting distracted too much, following too many threads.

Next Episode on Monday June 7th, 2021.


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