Quick post for those who read my mashable interview today

Hi readers,

Yes, I know, I’m behind schedule and you want to know how my new work experiment is going.

Please be patient. Life has been dramatically intense in October: new job, family, babyRIP being sick every other day, traveling for work, meeting RIP readers live, probably (finally) changing apartment (they approved our application via phone and email, but I’ve signed no contract so far), and so on.

Crazy time, but it will pass.

About live meetings: there will probably be a Mustachian Metup on November 21st in Zurich (take a look at the thread on MP forum and this doodle), and I’ll be there if you want to live chat. There will also (probably) be a Sparkojote/RIP community meetup on November 29th (meeting TBC, location TBD). Stay tuned for updates 🙂

I’m in NYC right now for a work-related trip, which means I have some free time to write.

I planned to write a gargantuan post on Q3 2019 financial update – with investing updates, Italian flat sale, 2018 tax declaration, 2017 tax return and much more. The business flight from Zurich to NYC seemed a good and unique opportunity to focus and just write that I hadn’t had since Portugal vacation in September.

So let’s write!

Wait, what is this email in my inbox?

Cool, a request for interview with (the Italian version of) a famous website, Mashable! Ok, it’s tempting… I could write a new post on my blog, or I could wear my popularizer hat and explain my fellow Italians how FI works, clearing the ground from misunderstandings and helping the FI community to not be perceived as a bunch of lucky rich extremists living under a bridge while dumpster diving.

So… time is precious, should I write for my blog or take time to do the interview?


I spent my lounge time plus 9 hours of flight time writing nonstop. It’s been awesome, I felt “in the flow”, I didn’t want the plane to land!

30 minutes before landing in Newark airport, I sent my RIP-style incredibly long answer back to the journalist. I guess she thought I was crazy. 12 hours after sending the interview questions out she received a 12 pages long ultra-detailed reply (plus some extra questions I added for myself, to whom I happily replied). Who the hell does this? Yes, it looks weird 🙂

Today the article is out (in Italian language), and it’s a disappointing one. I essentially wasted 10 hours of my life and now I regret it. I think I’m going to turn down future interview requests, or just copy-pasting previous ones.

So, if you’re here because you read the article and want to know more, I’m releasing my version of the interview, my raw notes.

If you’re sincerely interested in learning more about FIRE, and the article didn’t satisfy your curiosity, please click below (again, in Italian language)

Original notes for my Mashable interview

I hope you enjoy it.


P.S. even though the Mashable article is insignificant, I enjoyed writing with the goal of making FI accessible to those who are not actively trying to achieve it. I had the same pleasure when I wrote my Start Here page (which is overdue for a major review). Does it mean I’m ready to write a book? 🙂


  1. Too bad I don’t read Italian, would love to read your response, but a book, that’s great! Will it be in English?

    I would also love to come to the meet up but I live in Lausanne. It’s not so easy to come to Zurich with a baby, so I’ll need to do some serious planning to make it work. Do you know of any similar meet up in the Swiss Romandy area?

    1. No, I won’t translate it in English, it’s a lot of work!
      But I’d say that my start here page is even more detailed (although a bit outdated).

      I’m not aware of meetups in Lausanne. Btw, I’ve been in Lausanne for the Fecule festival with my theater company few months ago 🙂 Maybe I’ll come again. Will let you know.

  2. Ti seguo (anche se non con costanza purtroppo) da oltre un anno. Trovo che la tua intervista originale che ho appena letto sia un condensato eccezionale di tutto quello che hai prodotto su questo blog e di questo argomento così ampio. Davvero bell’intervista, grazie. La salvo tra i preferiti.

    1. Ciao Christian, mi fa stranissimo rispondere ad un commento in Italiano ma va bene cosi’ 🙂
      Grazie per le belle parole, a quanto pare non le ho buttate al cesso queste 10 ore di volo 😀

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