Financial Independence Europe Podcast featuring… me :)

Hey RIP, wake up… wake up…

What… what time is it? It’s late! What do you want from me?

I was listening to a podcast and there’s a guy who claims to be you, but I don’t think he’s really you… I mean, listen to his English pronunciation… he seems The Italian Man Who Went To Malta!

Holy shit! Is the podcast out??

So… is that really you?? Well, he speaks he speaks he speaks I can count 10k words so yes, it’s probably you but holy crap RIP, learn some English!

Beg your pardon, sir?

Anyway, yeah, it’s me! I’ve been interviewed so long ago I almost forgot about it. It was mid June, few days after I returned from FIWE 2018. It’s been funny to be the guest star in a podcast 🙂

Here’s the audio, enjoy!

Take also a look at the interviewers notes about this podcast. Mathias and Alvar are doing a great job interviewing European FIRE bloggers, go check out the other episodes too!

Good job RIP! Or maybe I should say goodddo jobbo Rippo uat de faack

Yeah, funny…

Btw, who’s The Italian Man Who Went To Malta?

Enjoy 😉


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