My Financial Story – Chapter 7 – Dream Job Number 4: Hooli

Financial update

Ok, finances. Here’s last 3.5 years of my Net Worth evolution.


As you can see there are 3 lines. Since November 2012 I have to interact with more currencies: Euro, Swiss Francs, U.S. Dollars. I have assets in all of these currencies so I’m tracking my total net worth in all of them. Each line represents the total NW in that currency, you don’t have to sum them up.

The big Red spike in January 2015 is due to the end of capping the Swiss Franc to the Euro. It bumped from a 5:6 ratio to 1:1 in one night, making me richer in total Euros but poorer in total Francs. As you can see things slowly settled to an intermediate value, something like 11:12, at the time of writing this post (July 2016).

Pink and Green lines have been overtaking for a while and are still dancing together, since the Swiss Franc and the Dollar are dancing around 1:1 since October 2015.

Anyway, the graph shows a pretty much linear growth since 2012. I don’t know if you took a look at the Y-axis values though. Are you ready for the recap? Fasten your seat belt:


That’s pretty ridiculous, I know. Well, that’s essentially overall exponential growth.

All the past years have been flattened away by Hooli. The investment mistake in year 2000? A straight line. Sabbaticals? Pixels. The risk of not being able to pay for my share of bills and expenses at my ex-gf apartment? Laughing out loud.

What’s next? Other dreams, obviously!


  1. Hey MrRIP,

    Congrats on your journey up to Hooli.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you soon so we can exchange on our work experiences!

    I’m continuing to catch up with your posts 😉 btw it seems the latest ones didn’t reach my inbox, are you aware about it?


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