Personal Finance Coaching Official Launch

Hi Ripsters,

Just a quick update: given the number of Financial Coaching requests I’ve received in the last couple of months, and given that I’m already unofficially offering such a service out of individual requests, I’ve finally launched the Personal Finance Coaching service today.

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Coaching Q1 2020 – How did it go?

Hi dear readers. If you’re following this blog since at least November 2019, you might remember that I launched a free career and financial coaching program for Q1 2020. I got overwhelmed with requests: I received around 50 applications within the first week. I still receive, at least once a

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Coaching – And the Winner is…

Hi RIP readers, This is a quick update on my 2020 Q1 coaching experiment: I’ve selected the 6 participants, and already notified them! Which means that if you didn’t receive an email along the line of “congrats, you’ve been selected!” it means… well, that you’ve not been selected. And no,

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Coaching – who asked for my help?

Hi RIP friends, Two weeks ago I launched my free coaching project for early 2020, knowing that the remainder of 2019 would be ultra packed with a move (about which I’ll write soon), child care acclimation for Baby RIP (with accompanying infections and sicknesses, first of which didn’t took long

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Coaching follow up: I have a problem now!

Hi RIP readers, this is a quick follow-up to my Friday’s post about a coaching experiment I’m going to run in January-March 2020. I received 30+ applications in 2 days (so far). I wasn’t expecting this! I’ve read all of them. I started replying (just acking for now) more or

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I’m offering free career and financial coaching in Q1 2020!

Hi dear reader, haven’t you dreamed about being RIP’s guinea pig all the time? Today is the day your dreams become true! “RIP, what the hell are you talking about?” I’ve spent a good portion of 2019 talking with people, helping people and – more importantly – getting help from 

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