2021 Q3 Financial VIDEO Update

Hi RIPsters,

It’s been three months without a single blog entry, and the last one (and this one as well) has been a video entry. I assume many of you might be wondering whether the blog is dead or not.

No, it’s not! The blog is not dead!

I intend to get back into writing much more in the following months. I miss it so much, I miss the depth of thinking and researching that writing forced on me.

I’ll be back soon…ish, because in the meantime Baby#2 and Baby#3 joined the RIP Family a couple of days ago, and they’re both healthy 🙂

We breathed a huge, HUGE, sigh of relief! It’s been a complicated pregnancy, with conditions on both the mother and the fetuses, and the outcome was not guaranteed to be good.

They came out 4 weeks before due date, and they’re small, very small. But they’re fine so far.

The sensation is that we won the “quarter-final” of something. We should celebrate, ok, but the “tournament” is not finished yet.

Life is still a mess, I’d say even messier than before. But I’m a bit more optimistic than a few months ago and I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And I can’t thank my savings enough for allowing me to focus on what really matters today instead of having to worry about putting food on our table (for the next 17 years even assuming we keep spending 8k CHF per month and income drops to zero).

FIRE might be dead, but healthy personal finance habits still rock!

So… enjoy our Quarterly (2021 Q3) Financial Update 🙂

Here you can find the Net Worth Spreadsheet (with a few new sheets!)  and the 2021 Expenses  Spreadsheet.

TL;DR of the financial quarter for household RIP NW: +42k CHF / +62k EUR.

All time high. I’d say a good month despite a sideways market.


  1. Congratulations on the twins. Good to hear that all three are ok.
    Focussing on the importen things in live is crucial.


  2. Congrats on the twins! Hope all family is well.
    Don’t let the Tax Office add your credit to the following year. They don’t have the right to keep it and take it off the following year!
    I email them every year when I get my final statement and tell them to pay it out to me. It is in my bank within a week.

  3. Bravo Mr. RIP for the twins. I imagine that it was not easy. But the main thing is that everyone is doing well. 🙂
    Enjoy these beautiful moments with your family.

  4. Congratulations for the twins.

    Relived to hear it ended well even if there is some steps to do until you will be relived.

    One of ours was born really small, light and we found help and support on a facebook group more than at the hospital/ neonat. It was a french group but seek prematurity in any language you will eventually find some good ones that really help you.

    And for the job/income part you still have time, you are still a young new father of twins 🙂

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