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Retire in progress...

Quick post for those who read my mashable interview today

Hi readers, Yes, I know, I’m behind schedule and you want to know how my new work experiment is going. Please be patient. Life has […]

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Midlife Crisis insourced: season finale – a chat with myself

Mr DIP: “It’s easy. You just send them an email with the following content: ‘bye, I’m quitting’. Got it? Done? Do you want me to […]

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Midlife Crisis crowdsourced: chats with Andrey, Faustino, Mr VCF and Mr GFY

Mr GFY: “Hey RIP… I reached my number! 😀” RIP: “WTF… holy crap… congrats! Do you mean you’re FI now? Wait, how do they say […]

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Midlife Crisis outsourced: a chat with SuperBoss

Hi RIP friends, today we have another personal post about my Midlife Crisis. The blog will get back on “personal finance” after the series is […]

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Midlife Crisis outsourced: a dinner with KM-Finanzen

Hi RIP friends, I guess it’s time to write about my midlife crisis. First of all, it’s not over yet. I guess it’s a process […]

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CuriosiTips #1

Welcome readers, I decided to spin-off the “Curiosity & Learning” section of monthly update posts into an irregular series that I decided to call CuriosiTips. […]

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