This night an Earthquake 6.2 Richter happened close to Rome, close to where my family lives.

(image from

My relatives are ok, but there’s going to be several dozens, maybe few hundreds of casualties (EDIT: 24h later casualties are 247 and counting…). Plus, amazing places – like Amatrice, famous for pasta all’Amatriciana – are almost completely gone. Destroyed.

In this very moment my feelings are with the families who are suffering for a loss, but my body is at work on a sunny Wednesday, where everything else would make sense but working.

If I were already FI, I’d drop everything and go to offer my strong hands to help out on site. I’d sleep in a tent and get dirty to try to save a kid under the rubble. I’d hug old people crying and try to do my best to comfort them.

But I’m not doing it, ’cause I gotta go to work.

Another reason to speed the process up. Another reason to not go out for dinner tonight.



  1. Hi MrRIP,

    I’ve still to read a long list of your posts received by emails, which explains why I didn’t comment earlier on any of them…
    But when I received this post, I wanted to let you know that I’m with you and your family. I wish all who suffered to recover as soon as possible.

    And indeed, as you say, that’s one more reason to keep up with the savings rate pace so to be out of the rat race very soon!

    All the best and take care!

    1. Thanks MP.

      Luckily, my family is ok. Most of them live in Rome, which is far enough from the epicenter. There’s been some dancing tonight, but Rome is fine.

  2. I can feel your frustration coming through in this post, at times like this our obligations can seem almost unbearable. There’s not much I can say or do to help, but our thoughts are with your family, friends and their communities.

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