First Italian FI Blogger meeting!

Hi RIPpers,

I’ve been recently invited to a Northern European FI Bloggers meetup that took place in a small town across the Netherlands-Belgium border. I sadly had to decline since I’m traveling slightly too much these days. It’s not been an easy decision, I strongly wanted to meet with other FI bloggers, share thoughts with like minded people and feel part of a community.

Anyway, building on top of this setback, I decided to organize the first Italian FI Blogger meeting ever! It happened! Yesterday, for the first time in human history, the entire Italian FI blogger community met for an amazing day of brainstorming, sharing and dreaming!

We had a cocktail together!

image credit: thesobrietysolution

We danced all night long!

image credit: rebloggy

We even had time to set up a Lan Party and play videogames together!


How cool was that!


Ok, listen… I know, the Italian FI community demography has some problem… let’s say we’re not so many… anyway, I was pretty sure I’ve been able to bring together all of us in the same room… yes, of course, considering a slightly degenerate definition of “all of us“…

But I was wrong! I missed almost 50% of the community. I’m sorry, it’s my fault.

Anyway, you got it, all this was to introduce the italian blogger Andrea, owner of, a very good Italian Blog (in Italian language) about Personal Finance and Financial Independence. Probably the only Italian blog about our beloved topic! Andrea is going to be our first guest star on RIP soon, stay tuned!

In the meantime he published my first guest post on his blog, in Italian language.



    1. Ouch, 33% is way below the quorum for any kind of dictatorial decision I could have made for the italian community… well, good to know that there’s someone! Thanks for the link 🙂

      P.S. Let’s see if I can make the Antwerp one.

  1. Well, I’m Italian and shooting for FI, although I’m not blogging about it (maybe after I’ll reach FI to kill some time, but I’m not sure).

    For what it’s worth, there are a lot of Italian savers out there that aren’t blogging about it, like me, but are nonetheless trying (you can find them in forums about how to avoid taxes, for the most part)

    But hey, se mi dai un luogo e una data, magari quando avrò molto più tempo libero parteciperò al raduno anch’io ; )

    1. Hi Mattia, nice to meet you!
      Good to know you are aiming to FI, I wish you good luck. I’d love to know more about your situation. If you feel like sharing something privately, please send me an email.

      I thought it was clear but there’s been no actual meeting and none is planned in the near future for Italian FI seekers 🙂

      1. I’m more into active trading (as opposed to just dumping all your money in an index fund/etf), but I still enjoy reading about people who reached FI through savings and side hustles. Let’s just leave it at that.

        Also, I know there was no meeting. I was “just saying” if it will ever be the case ; )

        Good luck with your endeavours. Maybe we’ll see each other “at the top”

  2. Hi guys,

    I’m also Italian and aiming for FI (together with my girlfriend). So we are not really few, even tough maybe only the two of you are blogging about it (which is interesting, because the problems we face are sometimes different from the American ones, e.g. taxes and laws).

    The problem I think is that there are few Italians which had the opportunity to come in contact with the ideas of FI (and RE), mainly due to the fact that we do not speak English ( 🙁 ).

    By the way, if one day somebody has the idea to organize a meet-up somewhere (by the way I live in Germany) it would be great! A weekend somewhere in the Alps with some hiking would be awesome I think!


    1. Hi Francesco, welcome to Retire In Progress 🙂
      Your comment ended up being blocked by the spam filter and I just discovered it. Sorry if you thought I somehow didn’t want to publish your comment.
      Thanks for showing up, there’s absolutely room for a real meeting 😀

  3. Ciao MrRIP,

    I’m Italian too, 37 years old from Vicenza 🙂 , FIRE fan aiming to reach FI with my family (my goals are between 7 and 10 years from now).
    I’m desperately searching for an Italian FIRE community and I will be glad to be part of it.
    If anything will be organized, please take me into consideration.

    Un abbraccio,

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