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Hi RIP friends,

One of the goals of this blog – as stated in the About Me page – is to meet like minded people along my journey to FIRE.

How to do that? Easy: join forums, communities, social networks, physical meet-ups, read other blogs…

Simple to say, hard to do. My life is getting ultra busy in this first half of 2017: getting married, planning (and then doing) the honeymoon, playing in theaters, planning for another hiking trip during Easter, getting 40 years old (sic!), working (80%, thankfully).

I don’t have much time left for this human interaction thing. I skipped few European meet-ups and I don’t plan to attend expensive (scammy?) Chautauqua. Sad, super sad!

So RIP, are you going to dig a hole and stay forever alone?

No, no, wait my imaginary friend. I’m still doing my best to be as much social as possible!

First, I’m an active member of Rockstar Finance Forum.

Second, I read a lot of other blogs (probably too many) and join the discussions in comments when I think I can add some value.

Third, hey, I’ve done my MBTI test and ended up being a ENTJ, clear? There a big E (extrovert), not a I! I strongly recommend you do the test. It’s free, it takes 15 minutes and it’s fun! Check out this amazing post by FIRECracker (Millennial Revolution) about “MBTI and Money“. If you like it, go ahead and reach out this deep “average human vs FIRE blogger” post on freedomthirtyfiveblog.

So yeah, I’m a proven social person, backed by solid data!

Hey RIP, you mocking us? I heard you’re wasting your time making jigsaw puzzles in your spare time…

It’s just a rumor, cmon! Who does puzzles in the third millennium??

Anyway, ok, I may not be the most social blogger out there, but I’ve established strong connections with several bloggers that are now officially part of my blogging family.

Welcome to Don RIP Famiglia my friends!

I’d consider in this group Andrea (Incassaforte, he hosted me for a guest post), Olivier (Frugalisten, we competed for 2016 best saving rate among bloggers and he won by less than 1.5%!), MP (MustachianPost, the reference European FI blog) and finally Mr.W (Whatlifecouldbe, my official blog brother).

With W Family (Mr. and Mrs.) we have regular skype calls, virtual whisky toasts and even a skyped Cashflow 101 match!

So what do we answer when they ask if I want to write a guest post on their blog?

You answer: ‘No, go away, I have to finish my puzzle!’ ”

No, I write a wholehearted guest post!

… and here’s my guest post on What Life Could Be!

Enjoy! 🙂


What? -.-

How’s going with the puzzle?

Rumors, Just rumors!


  1. Finding your tribe is a huge benefit to blogging. Online friends and readers really kept me going in the beginning. I think they are doing the MMM thing in England this year. Might be a good opportunity for you to go. Pretty expensive, though. I haven’t gone to Chautauqua. There is a local thing in the Pacific Northwest and that’s a lot more affordable. I think it cost just a few hundred dollars the last time I went. You could always put something like that together for Europe.

    1. No, I don’t buy the Chautauqua. I don’t understand why I should meet “amazing people and discussing about FI” and spend north of 4K for a week. This is a way to pump money out of some bored millionaire, not something for normal, frugal, FI seekers. I’m so sorry I didn’t join last European FI Bloggers meeting in Budapest several months ago. That one was cheap and none had to make a living out of it. And you still get to meet “amazing people and discussing about FI” there.

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