Ultra Quick Short Mid October 2018 Financial Update

Good morning!

Yeah, after two negative weeks I went to sleep with this:

Yeah, cmon… It’s a shitty month but at least I’m still…

And then I woke up today with this one:

Millionaire no more!

It already includes expected October salary and other forms of income, so we’re essentially ~40k down and back to base 1 (commas).

It’s not been the first time in last 3 years that I saw investments going down by ~10%, it’s actually the third time. Last time was during Brexit, I was less than half invested compared to today and I remember being scared and grieving.

This time? I don’t care much, I actually laughed at the idea of making the Titanic meme 😀

But RIP, you should be more scared this time, for two reasons: bigger portfolio size and… all the discussion about future, contingency plans, being close to burnout…

Yeah, I should rationally be. And “trying to analyze the markets”: last two times was clearly an emotional reaction to some unexpected events, like the Brexit, while this time there’s some signal that the world is heading toward dark ages in the mid-short term. We’re entering into a Trumps, Bolsonaros, Salvinis era. A new wave of nationalism, a crisis of the liberal and globalist model. Plus, central banks are raising their interests, and inflation is ramping up, and tariffs and so on.

So I should be scared.

But I’m not 🙂

Do not give up guys, let’s enjoy some roller coaster time together!

in case you’re scared more than necessary, remember this: next time focus on your mental attitude. It’s much more important than your asset allocation.

And rebalance, if you can 😉


  1. I had 20% of my NW invested during the summer. I went all in with 70% as per my IPS in September.
    During the last days I haven’t felt really lucky. But hey, stocks are on sale! I guess I’ll rebalance next month as planned.
    p.s. I hope this positive attitude will last…

  2. I was on holiday on lake Como last week, so was not actively following the market. I’d check the portfolio just before bed and it would be like: ok, down 20k today. ok, down 30k today. ok, down 60k today (wow, that’s big).

    Maybe it was the holiday atmosphere, but I was surprised that it didn’t bother me that much. I think I was down by way over 100k that week but I didn’t even bother to add it all up.

    This week, I was back at work and took the opportunity to buy stocks while they were down, but I was almost 100% invested anyway, so only had a bit of spare capacity to invest.

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